Generate first, middle and last names

Phone numbers

Generate international phone numbers

Dummy text

Generate lorem ipsum dummy text


Generate email addresses


Generate social media usernames


Generate domain names

Credit card numbers

Generate non-functional credit card numbers *for testing

English text

Generate real English text, not dummy text

Terms of Service

Get a customised Terms of Service, for free

Privacy Policy

Get a customised Privacy Policy, for free

Shipping Policy

Get a customised Shipping Policy, for free

Refund Policy

Get a customised Refund Policy, for free

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This clever little tool will save you time, money and stress while generating content that is 100% free, in seconds!

iGenerate offers a suite of tools tailored to fit the needs of businesses that need to create and maintain content quickly, easily and affordably. It can be used to generate terms of service, privacy policies, shipping policies and more. And if you’re developing websites or apps, it can come in really handy by generating lists of countless randomly generated names, usernames, emails, phone numbers and more. Thousands of developers are already taking advantage of this tech-driven tool to get the content they need for their projects.

  • Always free
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  • Save yourself time, money and energy
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Why iGenerate?

This innovative app is designed to help businesses, small startups and entrepreneurs quickly generate content without having to pay a cent. iGenerate is intuitive and easy to use. Plus, it's entirely secure. So why waste valuable time and resources when you can trust iGenerate to get the job done faster and better? Get started today to see how this amazing tool can help make your life easier.

Developed by your friends at Boxkit. We're building a suite of apps that businesses, startups and consumers around the world use every day.


Instant randomly generated content creation for businesses and startups


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iGenerate is constantly monitored for quality results, every single time


Use iGenerate as a generator for policies, names, phone numbers, and much more!